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Honed Vs Polished: Which is The Right Finish for Your Kitchen’s Countertop

Granite is a natural stone known for its aesthetic appeal and durability. Architects and designers most commonly use it for building monuments, facades, flooring, curbing stones, and bridges.

If you’re thinking of granite installation, you need to consider finishing in addition to type and color. From all the finishing options, polished and honed granite is perhaps the most popular. In this blog, we will be discussing the differences between honed versus polished countertops to help you make an informed decision on what to go with.

What is Honed Granite?

A honed granite countertop has a more subtle matte finish. When the manufacturer halts the finishing process before the stone surface turns shiny and reflective, the result is a honed granite finish.  

What is Polished Granite?

Granite, Polished Stone, Cut Stone, Granite Slab

Polished granite is the complete opposite, with a shinier, glossier, and more reflective surface that brings out the stone’s darker tones. 

Difference between Honed and Polished Granite

The difference between the two is the finish. Honed and polished granite both go through a different process to get their respective looks. In the initial stages, the rough sides of the granite stone are polished using coarse and abrasive pads, after which it is grounded and buffed. Honed granite is formed when this process stops before the stone turns shiny. For polished granite, the process continues. However, both these granites require sealing stone fabrication, and we at G.M Marbles can help you with that.

Honed Vs. Polished Granite: What’s The Look?

Both these granites are available in a variety of colors. Polished granite goes in line with glossy countertops, whereas the honed granite comes more along with the earthy and darker kitchen tones and has more of an industrial feel. 

Polished Granite

Polished granite gives off a more sophisticated look, and its reflective surface brightens up the environment. Polished granite brings out the natural vibrancy of granite.

Honed Granite

Honed granite countertops have a more natural and down-to-earth look and feel softer and more relaxed. 

Honed versus Polished Granite? 

Which one you decide to go with is a matter of personal choice as both these granites are highly durable. Granite is a stone that maintains its look and feel if frequently sealed, irrespective of the finish.

At G.M Marble, we offer sealing stone and granite fabrication and installation services in Concord, Bay Area, Napa, and San Ramon to suit your unique décor ideas. If you cannot decide between honed and polished granite or have no idea about what color to go for, then contact us here.

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How to Inspect a Countertop Before Purchasing It

Countertops significantly influence the way a kitchen looks. A marble fabrication can give the kitchen a luxurious feel, while a granite fabrication is for those who prefer durability over aesthetics. 

 Countertops can make a kitchen look modern or traditional, depending on your choice. Here’s how you can inspect the quality of the countertops before purchasing them. 

Height of the Kitchen Countertop

The standard height of a kitchen countertop is between 24-36 inches.  This can differ slightly depending on the type of countertop material used. The ideal height of a counter is slightly above the waist. Another thing to keep in mind is the distance between the kitchen cabinets and the countertops – there shouldn’t be too much of a gap as it will make it difficult for a person of an average height to reach the top shelves. 

Countertop Material

There are different types of countertop materials available in the market, with the most common ones being granite, marble, and quartz. 


As we mentioned above, granite countertops are ideal if you’re looking for durability. Granite can easily cope with spills and scratches, and it is also very easy to clean and maintain in the long term. G.M. Marbles & Granite offers granite installation services in various areas of California, including Concord, Bay Area, Napa, and San Ramon


Different types of marble

Where countertops are concerned, marble is one of the sturdiest and classiest materials due to its durability and looks. While marble makes for an excellent countertop material, you have to be a little more diligent with its upkeep. It’s a highly coveted material due to its unique looks and superior heat resistance. However, it is porous and can stain over time. So, if you decide to go for marble slab installation, remember that it needs regular polishing and finishing, has a high price tag, and is prone to etching.


While quartz is an engineered stone, it’s almost identical to natural stones in aesthetics and characteristics.  Quartz kitchen countertops are quite durable, stain-resistant, easy to install, do not require sealing, and are low maintenance. However, if you are on a budget, then quartz installation for kitchen countertops is not a feasible choice. 

If you’re renovating your kitchen, we at G.M. Marble can provide you with granite and marble countertop fabrication and installation services and sealing stone installation in the Bay Area

To give your kitchen a new look, get in touch with us today!

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3 Reasons To Consider Marble For Your Kitchen Remodel

Marble has been a fashionable and common material used in many American kitchens and is considered one of the best countertop coverings. It looks elegant and is more durable than other materials. However, marble’s reputation for requiring high maintenance and being a demanding material has increased over the last few years. Furthermore, many people find it more expensive as compared to other countertop options.

However, marble has made its way back into the latest design magazines. Want to know why? Here are some reasons to consider marble for your kitchen remodel. 

It Might Not Be As Expensive As You Think

Contrary to its reputation, marble is quite budget-friendly. The Carrara marble packs a heavy design punch and is pretty affordable. Its darker color, as compared to other marble types, makes it much cheaper. Regardless of its dark color, Carrara marble still looks amazing and is a viable option.

Furthermore, putting marble everywhere isn’t a necessary option. Choose a part or the island of your countertop to cover with marble. Cover the remaining countertop with another covering material like wood. For people who don’t know, marble and wood look quite lovely together.

Maintenance Gets Easy with a Little Attention

High maintenance is one of the main reasons why marbles lost their popularity. It’s a fact that marble is high maintenance, but no more than a stone tile or a hardwood floor.  

A sealing job from a professional marble contractor soon after getting a countertop installed can keep stains and dirt out of the porous surface. The treatment easily lasts a year, and after getting an application from a professional, you can manage future sealant applications by yourself.

As long as you put abrasive, wet, or warm surfaces on mats and trivets and wipe stains as soon as they occur, your marble countertop should stay damage-free and clean. 

Small Scratches and Overtime Etching isn’t an Issue

Marble fabrication on the kitchen counter

The overtime etching of marble isn’t a concern as it adds to the marble’s beauty, and you don’t have to worry about small scratches, too, as marble’s texture can easily hide them.

Marbles can be perfect for your kitchen once you know how to treat them. They are a beautiful, durable, and practical option for your kitchen. Do consider marbles as a countertop material if you are planning a kitchen remodel. 

If you need more information on selecting the right marble kitchen counters, feel free to consult G.M. Marble. We are a family-owned business with 30 years of experience under our belt. We operate in the Bay Area and are well-reputed among the local community, and offer a wide range of granite fabrication Bay Area, including marble installation. 

Get in touch today for a consultation.

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A Guide to Types of Kitchen Countertops

You can find various options for kitchen countertops in the market. However, four materials comprise most of the countertop options in residential kitchens. They include Laminate, butcher block, quartz, and granite. All these materials have their negative and positive aspects. Some of these materials are very strong, while others can be easily marred or scratched. And some are much expensive than others.

Here’s a brief overview of four of the most popular countertops for residential kitchens and their pros and cons. 

1. Quartz 

Pros: This material closely mimics the look and feel of a natural stone and is practically maintenance-free. During the process of quartz fabrication, the countertops are manufactured specifically with the ability to resist stains, scratches, impact to a certain degree, and heat. Quartz comes in various textures and colors and can also be custom-made to mimic the look of granite and marble.
Cons: The sharp edges and corners of a quartz countertop can chip off due to excess use. However, a quartz countertop with rounded slab edges can solve this problem.

2. Granite

Pros: Granite countertops are one of the most popular choices for residential kitchens and offer a premium look that can help you instantly elevate the aesthetics of your kitchen. Granite countertops come in various shades and various finishes, including a polished or matte look.
Cons: Granite is a natural stone, and its pattern is carved by the pressure inside the earth. This makes finding a matching slab very difficult. Homeowners are also required to get their granite countertops resealed by professionals every few years to prevent degradation.

a kitchen with a granite countertop on the kitchen island

3. Laminate

Pros: These residential kitchen countertops are relatively easy to install and are a low-budget option. Modern laminate countertops are often stain and scratch-resistant.
Cons: These countertops aren’t impact-resistant and can scratch or wear easily. Furthermore, even though their printing is designed specifically to mimic natural stone, the end product doesn’t mimic natural stone as closely as quartz countertops. Due to this, you may find laminate countertops to have a tacky appearance. 

4. Butcher Block

Pros: Butcher Blocks are a relatively new material but have become a popular alternative within the last few years. Butcher block countertops add a rustic feel and warmth to a residential kitchen. Laminated with hardwood, these countertops are highly heat resistant as compared to budget-friendly laminates.

Cons: Butcher block countertops offer minimal scratch and stain resistance, even with varnish. Scratch marks on butcher block countertops can be removed by sanding, while stains can be very difficult to remove.

Get High-Quality Stone Countertops in the East Bay Area

If you are a resident of Napa, Concord, or the Bay Area, and want residential kitchen granite fabrication Bay Area, installation, or even repairs, get in touch with the experts at GM Marble & Granite. 

Contact us to learn more about our services in Concord, Napa, and the Bay Area. 

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Reasons Why You Should Never Go For DIY Countertops

Aesthetic countertops for your kitchen are a priority of interior designers. Countertop selection is a process based on the aesthetics and use of the counter. While granite, marble, and stone are top-priority materials for kitchen counters, their installation varies based on the customer’s budget. Quartz is a good material for easy-to-clean family kitchens, while if you want to give your kitchen some pomp and vigor, a granite countertop will suit you better. Experts in Concord can advise you better about granite installation.

There are some countertop materials that you can install yourself. These materials don’t offer the same style as a finished granite top does. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t opt for do-it-yourself countertops like ceramic and laminate plastic.

A Hot Pan Ruins the Show

Do-it-yourself countertops like laminate plastic are made of layers of plastic stuck together to make a solid surface. Since they’re just plastic, laminate countertops can’t stand too much heat. A hot pan can leave burn marks on a laminate top. Always put your hot pans on steel holders so that your countertops stay unaffected.

Or why not simply switch from laminate countertops to durable marble countertops? There are plenty of marble fabrication services in Napa. Hire experienced marble fabricators to get rid of your laminate plastic countertops.

The Grouts Keep Getting Dirty

Ceramic tiles work well as do-it-yourself countertops. However, they’re not as hassle-free as some housekeeping books tell you. Cement is used in the joints of ceramic tiles to keep them together. This cement-based filling is called grout. There are visible spaces between the tiles where grout is not filled. These “grout joints” are difficult to clean. Over time, grout joints keep getting dirtier, robbing your tile of its smooth, neat look. 

Granite will be a good choice if you are looking for classy kitchen countertops at fairly reasonable rates. Our granite fabrication services are well-reputed and don’t cost much either.

Butcher Blocks Show Scars from the Past

Have you seen boards people use to chop vegetables? That cutting board is your butcher block. Now imagine thickening your wooden cutting block and gluing pieces of it together to form a larger kitchen countertop. Your butcher block countertop will get dented even if a glass thuds on it. You will have to be careful with chopping vegetables on the block since chop cuts and marks will not go away from the wood. 

a butcher block table

Apart from the permanent marks it gets, a butcher block also soaks water and cracks after long-term use. Such problems are never a case in granite and marble countertops. Easy to clean, granite and marble countertops don’t crack or soak water. They’re a one-time solid investment, unlike your regular DIY countertops that need replacement now and then. 

To replace your unreliable DIY countertops with more sturdy and appealing options, you can consult our Granite fabrication service provider in Concord. We’re a family-owned business in California, providing marble and granite installation services for the past 30 years. We also specialize in marble and granite repair. Our valued customers can vouch for our top marble installation services in Bay Area, CA. To get in touch with our expert, you can contact us at 925-676-8385.  

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Marble vs. Granite: Which One to Choose For Remodeling On a Budget

Granite has been used as a decorative stone for a long period of time. It’s a rock made of interlocked crystals with quantities of aluminum tectosilicate minerals (feldspar). Granite comes off as a hard rock resistant to scratches and cracks. Its shiny appeal adds a sophisticated aura to countertops, be they in your kitchen or bathrooms. Marble, on the other hand, is re-crystallized under heat, pressure, and water solutions. Marble statues have been used as decorative pieces since the times of the early Greeks.

In 2020, around 30% of Americans opted for granite as a go-to material for home remodeling. While granite is cheaper than marble, marble has its own finesse. Before your home-remodeling venture, you should disclose your budget to an expert fabricator to determine what material usage your budget allows. Let’s find out which material would suit you better if you’re on a budget.

Ask Yourself!

Before you invest in either granite or marble, ask yourself three questions.

  1. What is my budget?
  2. How much material would my house countertops require?
  3. What material would suit my home aesthetics better?


Granite used to be a pretty costly material previously but has become more feasible since advanced engineering. Made of crystals, granite is a hard rock with a shiny surface smooth enough to slide coins on. Interestingly, granite comes in colors more than one. From glossy black granite to shimmering red ones, granite fabrication is meant to change your spaces’ look instantly. It doesn’t require rigorous cleaning and is meant for long-time use. 


While the cost of granite in the market is not more than 45 to 110 dollars per square foot, granite comes off as a better option for homes looking for a modern touch. It is also a good option if you bake or cook frequently since it’s heat resistant and easily cleanable. However, you’ll have to be careful not to let grease or oil sit on the granite. The rock is bound to stain if oil soaks into it. 


A scratch and stain-resistant material, marble adds timeless elegance to your house decor. Renowned architect Adolf Loos and modern-day architects like Kelly Hoppen all favor marble slab installation to make their interiors look lit and airy. 

Cleaning marble countertops is quite convenient as well. Since marbles are calcium carbonate compounds, they need to be protected from acid. It’s better to clean marble tops as you work on them. 


Marble has come to be a symbol of Hellenic beauty and time-defying class. This is what makes them more expensive than granite and an absolute luxury to afford. Marble countertops range from 80 to 140 dollars per square foot. More treasured marble types like Calacatta marble can cost up to 200 dollars per square foot.

marble kitchen countertop

Marble and granite are both high-quality rocks to remodel your house with. If you are on a budget, granite will be a better option for your home remodeling. If you are still confused between the two, expert fabricators in your vicinity and Napa, CA, would be able to guide you better.

At G.M. Marble, our experts provide thorough consultation services to all our clients. We offer custom-made marble slab designs in Bay Area and quartz installation services in Napa, CA. Our granite fabrication services in San Ramon and Napa, CA, only use high-quality granite. We don’t deal in B-grade rock types of any kind. Once the rock has been installed, our professionals also work towards effective seal protection for long-term marble and granite preservation. Contact us at 925-676-8385.

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To Replace Or To Repair: What Should You Do With Old Countertops

Stone countertops add an aesthetically pleasing finish to your kitchens. They’re also durable and can last a decade if taken care of properly. That’s why, depending on the kind of slab installation you have, there are some general repairs you can do to extend the life of your countertop. This guide will help you figure out what sort of restoration you should opt for.  

The Basics of Resealing Old Countertops

Every type of stone has some pores in its structure, including your countertops. That’s why they have a seal on top to prevent water from seeping in and damaging the slab. So it’s important to periodically check the top seal to make sure you aren’t causing extensive damage to your countertop. A simple way of doing so is by splashing the counter with some water and if the water beads remain on the surface, you’re all good. But if the water is absorbed, then you’ll need to apply a coat of sealant to reseal the top layer.

What If Resealing Isn’t Enough?

A Modern Kitchen Interior

Stone countertops are quite durable, but over time, you’ll notice some scratches and other minor damages here and there on your countertop. Don’t be alarmed! It’s common for countertops to need some basic restoration after extensive use. You could simply fill the small dents with resin or epoxy, the same color as your counter. Let it dry overnight, sand the surface to make it even, clean it thoroughly, and then apply a generous coat of sealant and you’re good to go.

When Is It Time To Replace The Countertop?

What if doing all of the above isn’t enough? After 10-15 years, your countertop can develop large cracks even if you took care of it properly. In some cases, it can also break off from the corners. This can be dangerous, so it’s best to consult a professional who can guide you on replacement options for your countertop. But, as a general rule, it’s better if you opt for a high-quality slab with a reasonable amount of thickness; otherwise, you’ll find yourself needing to replace your new countertop earlier than usual.

If you want to know more about your replacement options, take a look at our collections. We’re a family-owned business in the East Bay Area with thirty years of experience in stone installation. Check out our services page to decide if you need re-surfacing or re-fabrication services for your kitchen or reach out to us today to get an expert’s opinion.

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3 Easy Methods To Maintain Granite Countertops

Be it your washroom, kitchen, or any other part of the house; countertops are one of the first things that guests notice. Having a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing countertop can set a nice vibe for the entire area and light up the dullest and boring spaces in the house.

Two of the most common materials used for countertops are marble and granite. Both these materials are quite different when it comes to composition, appearance, and maintenance.

Keep reading this blog if you have a granite countertop and learn more about some effective maintenance methods.

Method # 1: Use A Microfiber Cloth

When it comes to cleaning a granite countertop, make sure to use a microfiber cloth. Wipe the granite countertop with a dry or wet microfiber cloth every day to clear any dust or occasional spills. 

You can also wet the microfiber cloth with a mild cleaner and clean the countertop with it once a week.

Method # 2: Sealing Is Important

Seasonal sealing of your granite countertops can increase their life span. You can assess whether the countertop needs to be sealed again with a test involving water.

All you have to do is splash a small amount of water on the countertop and see if the water beads or flows freely. If the water doesn’t form bead-like shapes, then it’s a sign you need to get the granite countertop re-sealed.

Red Tomatoes on White Surface

Method # 3: Avoid Placing Hot Objects 

The last thing you should do is place hot pots and pans on your granite countertops. Putting hot objects on granite can cause them to crack and result in discoloration, especially in dark-colored granites.

Get In Touch With Professional Kitchen Slab Installation Services in Concord, CA

If you feel that your marble or granite countertops have lost their charm and can’t be saved, reach out to us to install new ones.

At G.M. Marble & Granite, we offer professional slab installation and fabrication services in Concord, CA. We have experience of more than 30 years in the fabrication industry and can get the job done for you in the most professional and quickest way possible.

 Moreover, we also offer a wide range of slab installation and fabrication services, including granite installation, marble slab installation, quartz installation, and much more. To know more about our wide range of services, visit our website or reach out to us.

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