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Marble vs. Granite: Which One to Choose For Remodeling On a Budget

Granite has been used as a decorative stone for a long period of time. It’s a rock made of interlocked crystals with quantities of aluminum tectosilicate minerals (feldspar). Granite comes off as a hard rock resistant to scratches and cracks. Its shiny appeal adds a sophisticated aura to countertops, be they in your kitchen or bathrooms. Marble, on the other hand, is re-crystallized under heat, pressure, and water solutions. Marble statues have been used as decorative pieces since the times of the early Greeks.

In 2020, around 30% of Americans opted for granite as a go-to material for home remodeling. While granite is cheaper than marble, marble has its own finesse. Before your home-remodeling venture, you should disclose your budget to an expert fabricator to determine what material usage your budget allows. Let’s find out which material would suit you better if you’re on a budget.

Ask Yourself!

Before you invest in either granite or marble, ask yourself three questions.

  1. What is my budget?
  2. How much material would my house countertops require?
  3. What material would suit my home aesthetics better?


Granite used to be a pretty costly material previously but has become more feasible since advanced engineering. Made of crystals, granite is a hard rock with a shiny surface smooth enough to slide coins on. Interestingly, granite comes in colors more than one. From glossy black granite to shimmering red ones, granite fabrication is meant to change your spaces’ look instantly. It doesn’t require rigorous cleaning and is meant for long-time use. 


While the cost of granite in the market is not more than 45 to 110 dollars per square foot, granite comes off as a better option for homes looking for a modern touch. It is also a good option if you bake or cook frequently since it’s heat resistant and easily cleanable. However, you’ll have to be careful not to let grease or oil sit on the granite. The rock is bound to stain if oil soaks into it. 


A scratch and stain-resistant material, marble adds timeless elegance to your house decor. Renowned architect Adolf Loos and modern-day architects like Kelly Hoppen all favor marble slab installation to make their interiors look lit and airy. 

Cleaning marble countertops is quite convenient as well. Since marbles are calcium carbonate compounds, they need to be protected from acid. It’s better to clean marble tops as you work on them. 


Marble has come to be a symbol of Hellenic beauty and time-defying class. This is what makes them more expensive than granite and an absolute luxury to afford. Marble countertops range from 80 to 140 dollars per square foot. More treasured marble types like Calacatta marble can cost up to 200 dollars per square foot.

marble kitchen countertop

Marble and granite are both high-quality rocks to remodel your house with. If you are on a budget, granite will be a better option for your home remodeling. If you are still confused between the two, expert fabricators in your vicinity and Napa, CA, would be able to guide you better.

At G.M. Marble, our experts provide thorough consultation services to all our clients. We offer custom-made marble slab designs in Bay Area and quartz installation services in Napa, CA. Our granite fabrication services in San Ramon and Napa, CA, only use high-quality granite. We don’t deal in B-grade rock types of any kind. Once the rock has been installed, our professionals also work towards effective seal protection for long-term marble and granite preservation. Contact us at 925-676-8385.

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