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Reasons Why You Should Never Go For DIY Countertops

Aesthetic countertops for your kitchen are a priority of interior designers. Countertop selection is a process based on the aesthetics and use of the counter. While granite, marble, and stone are top-priority materials for kitchen counters, their installation varies based on the customer’s budget. Quartz is a good material for easy-to-clean family kitchens, while if you want to give your kitchen some pomp and vigor, a granite countertop will suit you better. Experts in Concord can advise you better about granite installation.

There are some countertop materials that you can install yourself. These materials don’t offer the same style as a finished granite top does. Here are some reasons why you shouldn’t opt for do-it-yourself countertops like ceramic and laminate plastic.

A Hot Pan Ruins the Show

Do-it-yourself countertops like laminate plastic are made of layers of plastic stuck together to make a solid surface. Since they’re just plastic, laminate countertops can’t stand too much heat. A hot pan can leave burn marks on a laminate top. Always put your hot pans on steel holders so that your countertops stay unaffected.

Or why not simply switch from laminate countertops to durable marble countertops? There are plenty of marble fabrication services in Napa. Hire experienced marble fabricators to get rid of your laminate plastic countertops.

The Grouts Keep Getting Dirty

Ceramic tiles work well as do-it-yourself countertops. However, they’re not as hassle-free as some housekeeping books tell you. Cement is used in the joints of ceramic tiles to keep them together. This cement-based filling is called grout. There are visible spaces between the tiles where grout is not filled. These “grout joints” are difficult to clean. Over time, grout joints keep getting dirtier, robbing your tile of its smooth, neat look. 

Granite will be a good choice if you are looking for classy kitchen countertops at fairly reasonable rates. Our granite fabrication services are well-reputed and don’t cost much either.

Butcher Blocks Show Scars from the Past

Have you seen boards people use to chop vegetables? That cutting board is your butcher block. Now imagine thickening your wooden cutting block and gluing pieces of it together to form a larger kitchen countertop. Your butcher block countertop will get dented even if a glass thuds on it. You will have to be careful with chopping vegetables on the block since chop cuts and marks will not go away from the wood. 

a butcher block table

Apart from the permanent marks it gets, a butcher block also soaks water and cracks after long-term use. Such problems are never a case in granite and marble countertops. Easy to clean, granite and marble countertops don’t crack or soak water. They’re a one-time solid investment, unlike your regular DIY countertops that need replacement now and then. 

To replace your unreliable DIY countertops with more sturdy and appealing options, you can consult our Granite fabrication service provider in Concord. We’re a family-owned business in California, providing marble and granite installation services for the past 30 years. We also specialize in marble and granite repair. Our valued customers can vouch for our top marble installation services in Bay Area, CA. To get in touch with our expert, you can contact us at 925-676-8385.  

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