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Trending White Granite Colors That Are All the Rage in 2020

They are incredibly durable, resistant to heat and water, and easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, their anti-stain and anti-bacterial abilities make white granite countertops an excellent choice for modern kitchens and other spaces.

If you’ve been thinking about installing a white granite countertop or vanity top, you must note that there are a variety of whites when it comes to granite. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the trendiest white granite colors that are in vogue this year. 

Bianco Alaska 

Alaska White is the show stopper of all the white granite shades. This color has its origins in Brazil, and it’s imported from there for stonework. Alaska white granite offers an exotic blend of warms and whites with patterns of deep onyx, shunning silver, and rich cocoa on a bright white base. Bring it to your home to enjoy the feel of the Alaskan landscape in your kitchen. Whether you have bright, dark, or wooden cabinets, this one-of-a-kind white granite will compliment all.

Bianco Alps 

Alps White is a whimsical combination of glistening white crystals, hints of galaxy black, and rich Bordeaux flecks on a warm white base. This classy shade goes well with a variety of designs, from modern and minimalistic to traditional interiors. Whether you’re looking for an aesthetic fireplace or dazzling countertops, Alps White can add beauty to any space it touches. 

Andino white granite countertops in a modern kitchen paired with white cabinets

Bianco Andino

This white granite sports hints of charcoal and refreshing beige on greyish white background. Andino white provides a more consistent look that can be fabricated for a bright white or a muted appearance, depending on what complements the walls, cabinets, and flooring. This white granite is known for its versatility as it can go well with both dark shades and light-colored interiors.

We like Andino white countertops the best with simple espresso cabinets and silver steel kitchen appliances and fixtures for a contemporary look. For a traditional touch, pair the gorgeous Andino White with pure oak cabinets. 

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