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Marble vs. Granite: What’s the Difference?

The kitchen is probably the most important space in any house. It is where you spend time as a family while having meals, and an appealing kitchen can make your time with family more enjoyable.

Marble and granite are aesthetically pleasing and can add elegance to a kitchen when used as material for countertops. They are both natural and extracted from the earth. 

Both of these stones are among the most sought-after materials used in the surfacing of kitchen countertops.

 However, they are quite different from each other, and each has its pros and cons.

Keep reading as we walk you through the differences between marble and granite so you can make an informed choice for your kitchen.

Type Of Stone:

There are two broad categories of natural stone siliceous stone and calcareous stone.

Granite comes under the umbrella of siliceous stones that contains quartz-like particles.

Marble falls under the category of calcareous stone and is composed mainly of calcium carbonate.

Level of Porosity:

Marble is softer and has a higher level of porosity which means that it can absorb liquid and has a higher chance of getting stained

Granite is not that porous compared to marble and can prevent staining and abrasion.


Granite countertops mostly have a speckled pattern; however, there are instances where the design may have swirls or veins. It also has a grainy appearance.

 Granite is available in various colors.

Marble has a softer and veiny look. This more washed-out look is because marble is mainly composed of calcite which is a more delicate mineral.

The veiny pattern and the softness in the marble give it a more elegant and sophisticated feel than granite countertops.

Top view of fresh red radishes placed in ceramic bowl standing on white marble table


Marble is a porous material; therefore, it is more prone to scratches and stains and requires more maintenance. Hot pots and pans on marble can also damage it

It’s suitable for places with less chance of getting damaged, such as fireplace mantles and bathroom vanities but will require high maintenance and care if used in a kitchen.

Granite is a highly dense material which makes it resistant to staining. It can also withstand high temperatures, making it suitable for a kitchen without much maintenance.

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