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Kitchen Trends for 2021

With a rampant rise in social media and an increased usage of Instagram and Pinterest, design inspirations have been in our reach like never before. As people stayed indoors due to the global pandemic, many chose to renovate their houses. Kitchen upgrades have been at the forefront because they’re one of the best ways to add to the resale value and aesthetic appeal of a home. 

Hot Kitchen Trends

At the start of 2020, we saw gravity-defying kitchen islands, Calcutta marble, and bold dark tones rule kitchen design trends. Minimalism rose to the forefront with monochromatic shades and smart storage solutions to reduce clutter. Rose gold also rules the kitchen appliance industry due to its muted look and glam appeal. Here are some kitchen trends you can follow in 2021. 

Waterfall Countertop

Waterfall countertop

Waterfall countertops offer a touch of modernity and a dash of sleek design to your kitchen workspace. These countertops extend right down to the floor, making it look like granite or a marble waterfall. While waterfall countertops have been trending for years, they’ve been ultra-popular in 2021.

Indoor Plants

When we log into Instagram or Pinterest, we’re bound to come across interior design posts with indoor plants. House plants have ruled the interior décor industry since 2020 and they’ve garnered applaud in 2021 as they enter the kitchen space. 

Plants can liven up your kitchen, making it an idyllic area to relax while you work. From Monstera Deliciosa to different types of Ferns and Orchids, each plant can add to your kitchen’s personality. 

Open Shelving

Open shelves in a kitchen

In 2021, we’re somewhat pushing minimalism away and bringing the open shelving back in trend. Open shelving allows all your kitchen appliances and cutlery on display. It’s perfect for your kitchen if you like to collect plates, pots, and pans from different areas of the world.

Open shelving also allows your guests to locate where every item is so that they don’t have to look for things in cabinets during a party. Open shelving looks amazing in a traditional kitchen because it can add a rustic, colorful, and mismatched theme to your cooking space. 

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