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3 Trends in Stone Fabrication to Watch Out For in 2021:

We’ve all seen it on our kitchen and bathroom sinks and wondered about it too. The stone present and laid out on these surfaces isn’t naturally this way. It goes through a process that includes refining, polishing, veining, dyeing, and much more.

This process is known as stone fabrication and can include different styles such as marble and granite. Stone fabrication is known to enhance the appeal of every surface and bring out its beauty. Here are some critical trends in stone fabrication to watch out for in 2021:

Outdoor Patio

With high demand for outdoor living spaces post COVID-19 and many outdoor renovation projects coming up, everyone is looking for new ways to spruce up their patio. Stone fabrication makes for an excellent addition to any home. There are a range of ways in which you can incorporate stonework into the outside elements of your house.

Marble and granite surfaces can be incorporated to create a stunning fountain in the pathway to your home, for one. You can also use this material to create stone walls for a luxurious look and steps to enhance the beauty of your patio. 

Kitchen Countertops

One of the most popular applications of stone fabrication is kitchen countertops. They make for a grandiose surface that you can match to your interior design seamlessly. Be it marble, quartz, or granite; you’ll see some of the most well-furnished and high-value kitchen countertops made in this type of stonework.

Kitchen countertops are an important functional tool  as they need to have hard slabs to allow for a range of cooking activities and thus, need to be sturdy. Stone fabrication offers functional benefits as well as aesthetic ones and improves the entire appearance of the kitchen area.

bathroom sink with gold marble work

Bathroom Sinks

In recent times, you’ll notice bathroom sinks being made to look highly luxurious and stylish. The stylish element often has to do with the installation of stonework which looks impeccable with exemplary craftsmanship and artistic style. 

Another reason for stone fabrication in bathrooms has to do with preventing damage to this surface. As water is splashed onto the sink, it can deteriorate the quality of the surface and weaken it by seeping into the material. Stone fabrication installation prevents this from happening as the stone materials used are impervious to water damage. 

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