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3 Interior Design Trends You Should Know About in 2021

The pandemic has heavily influenced styles and trends for homes in 2021. The outbreak of Covid-19 has people staying inside their homes more than ever. The house is no longer just a place to shower and sleep for many, as it was before. It has now actively turned into a workstation, a retreat, and a place to inhabit at all times. This situation has given people more reason to put in energy and resources into transforming their homes, either partially or entirely.


According to Vogue, the trend in 2021 is to revive the “comfy” look, bring back life to ancestral pieces of furniture, and portray the home in use aesthetically. The predicted setting looks toward heavier furniture pieces, with a lot of cushions, sheets, and comfort. 

According to Robert McKinley, the minimal look might just run out of fashion this year because that does not reflect the need of the moment and how big, empty spaces can be suffocating when living in them 24/7. Wooden, rustic pieces that bring back a warmer home look seem to be a particular favorite as it indicates durability and comfort.

Popular colors and tones:

The tones that are gaining popularity this year are warmer, darker ones. The beige, grays, and cooler tones seem less prevalent.

Forbes predicted a better future for stonework in the kitchen, with quartz and Carrara marble among the favorite choices.


Home décor and accessories:

According to L’Officiel, US indoor plants will be trending. Indoor foliage tends to add life to the décor and helps relieve stress.

Additionally, statement pieces that catch attention and can be added to create a vintage, homely touch will be all the rage.

One can also experiment with geometric patterns and warmer tones of granite and marble that can add character and immediate warmth to one’s home décor.
Whatever the trend is in 2021, it’s only reasonable to add a personal touch to achieve the look you want. Our granite and marble installation and fabrication services in the Bay Area could help you achieve your desired look. Contact us for consultation and our expert services.

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